About Us

Children Charity Bangalore

Aashra Foundation is a Non-Governmental Organization with a mission to provide better living facilities among the deprived sections of the society. Our tagline "The Joy of Rebirth", says it all. Our mission is to re-define life and promote quality life to the poor and the needy.
Our aim is to provide opportunities to the needy through which they will develop skills, obtain knowledge through education, motivate and inspire them to be responsible through various innovative programs. read more
We conduct various events and activities involving orphanages, beggars, HIV patients, old age homes, physically challenged, differently abled, etc. It is our responsibility to understand their needs and cater to their services wholeheartedly. We take great pleasure when the heavy faces turn into glorious smiles. That very moment is beyond any definition or expression. We are humbled when they shower endless blessings upon us. It is our constant effort to nurture the underprivileged children, protect them from harmful influences and educate them to be a responsible being. We strive towards creating a society where we don't struggle to survive, but live a peaceful life as a dignified and responsible member of the society. Each individual is special, and we can only realize their specialty by being with them and understanding them. We are guided by the term, "Value others and others will value you".

AASHRA believes in:

*Food is for surviving
*Shelter is for living
*Cloth is for respecting
*Education is for learning
*Health is for enjoying
*Money is for helping
*Love is for giving
*Life is for sacrificing