Founder's Message

I take this platform to share some few thoughts on the poor condition of the nation. The sight of poverty in our country is an open book. There is much happening on the political, the economical and the social front, but the sorry state of the country is yet to be salvaged. Several government aided programs and self-help groups’ initiations are being taken to uplift the downtrodden. While, these social services are greatly appreciated, the poor social state remains unchanged because the rate of poverty in India is too high. It sure is a daunting task to eradicate poverty completely from the face of the earth. As per the present situation and to be honest with the reality, eradicating poverty is almost next to impossible. But, if we keep ignoring it, the condition of our country will get worse as time passes. If you and I could contribute our bit to better this situation;our vision to see a better futureis not so far away.

“Aashra Foundation” is our initiative to create a better platform for the poor and the needy. We believe we can bring a positive transformation by helping the people and educating them about their importance in the society. The main challenge lies in empowering the people to be self-dependent. The general idea is to convert the helpless into helpful ones. There are 3 major things which make us helpless
(1) Finance
(2) Physical or mental conditions
(3) The tendency to be deliberately inactive, either mentally or physically.
I believe understanding these 3 major things will help us segregate and organize social service programs depending on their needs.

Today, we are fortunate that we are in a better condition as compared to the underprivileged sections of the society. And as such, it is our duty to uplift them and help them as a responsible citizen. To grow as a nation, we need the support of these pillars,who otherwise are often ignored. There are several organizations that are doing commendable community services; we would like to walk side by side with them and create better living conditions.

I would like to extend my special thanks to our development partners, staffs, well-wishers and friends for their passion, commitment, and financial support, as all of these are responsible for strengthening this foundation and enabling it to be an avenue of hope for a better future.



Hon'ble Dr. K.V.Satish