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Think about elders and what comes to your mind first? Respect,of course! But, unfortunately ‘respect’ has now become a thing of the past. According to a recent analysis, more than 30% of the elder population lives separately, away from their families for whom they have struggled their entire life. The uniquely famous joint-family culture in India is now a past history. Have we become so selfish and so stone-hearted that we have erased all the meanings of love, care and respect from our minds?
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If we think elderly people are less receptive, moody, weak or dirty; we should consider how we were as a kid. In spite of their responsibilities; they considered us their first priority. When they have not hesitated to fulfill all our wishes all these years, why are we turning our backs when our time has come to serve them?

Fortunately, there are some good people who are voluntary willing to help them and take care of them, irrespective of their relationship with them. These groups have been instrumental in helping the elders to fight depression, loneliness and dependency. They take good care of the hygiene, health and food. As a social service organization, we salute these groups who are doing so much for the well-being of the society. Our organization is constantly in touch with such social service groups and is helping them in this inspiring drive. We feel proud to be a part of these groups in this noble cause.